Create Digital Yearbook Autographs

Create beautiful digital yearbook autographs for your friends online. Simply enter your access code and send a special message to your friends or family. You must obtain a secure Autograph Access Code from the person you would like to create a Digital Autograph for.

Design using your desktop, tablet, or smartphone device. You can upload pictures and videos with your autograph to create a truly unique and special autograph for your yearbook.

Digital Yearbook Autographs

Please enter the Autograph Access Code for the person's yearbook you would like to digitally autograph.

Digital Autographing Best Practices

Here are some general rules for how to create a great digital autograph.

  • Be specific and personal
  • Upload photos and videos if you have them
  • Avoid using profanity - our systems will block it
  • Try to write something that will help you remember your times together for years to come
How Digital Autographs work.